Lip Smacking Ice Creams

The soaring mercury has announced the onset of summer. Silky, delicious ice creams that melt in your mouth and offer divine pleasure are up for grabs. It is a daunting task to pinpoint top picks, but five most popular have been shortlisted over here to make you start slurping the scrumptious sundaes.

Lip Smacking Ice Creams

Black Walnut and Peach Flavors

The Black Walnut Ice Cream being served in a glass tastefully decked with black walnuts and having a topping of honey, caramel sauce, dry grapes and powdered pista is absolutely divine. English walnuts are not used in this variety. The fresh ‘Peach Ice Cream‘ will have you drooling with its awesome taste pulled off by sliced peach stuffed pista variety having red cherries topping.

Raisins/Cashew & Natural Fruit Flavors

The yummy flavor available as Arabian Delight is packed with raisins and cashews, minus the distracting raw aroma of the cashews. Caramello is another awesome flavor. This seasonal natural fruit ice cream with a wide variety of participating fruits will soothe your senses and they will run amok craving for more of this delectable dessert.



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