Schezwan Sauce Without Onion And Garlic


Last week, I went to my friend’s home to wish her little son a belated birthday. When she introduced me to her mother in law and told her that I specialize in sattvic food, the lady did not hesitate to tell me upfront “ is not my kind of food! I like tasty food with a lot of masalas in it.”

As I entered the elevator, I remembered a follower writing to me about an argument with her friend. When her friend claimed that sattvic food cannot have variety and is not interesting, she only had to direct him here to dispel his notion.

That made me happy but at the same time sad. Sattvic food has its roots in Ayurveda, the oldest science of medicine for the body and mind, known to have originated in India, thousands of years ago. There was a time, when Ayurvedic tips and tricks were known and followed in every household in India. Unfortunately over a period of time this was lost and most of us became unaware of this precious art of healing.

And its quite unfortunate when others across the globe are realizing the benefits of this age old system, while many of us look at it with a degree of skepticism.

My whole endeavor here is to showcase the wide variety of pure vegetarian (sattvic) food that one can make for oneself and the family. And yes, sattvic food is far from boring! And sattvic food, literally feeds your body, mind and soul. The many people I have fed from so many walk of life, eminent film makers, artists, scientists, doctors, engineers and others have not been able to detect any missing element in my food.


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